Build Your Home

The prospect of building a new home can be daunting if never faced before.  Because we have been through this process many times, the HOA would be happy to help you at any point along your journey.  Once you have purchased your lot, contact the HOA for information regarding our new home construction process and for a copy of our Design Standards to ensure your home meets our building requirements.  Once you have selected a floor plan, you and your builder will need to complete our Construction Application & Agreement.  You are then ready to break ground and build the home of your dreams!

You may also want to take a minute to look over the most common points of new home construction.

Contact a Realtor:  Most of our lots are privately owned and are shown by different realtors.  Please contact us for realtor information for any lot you are interested in viewing or learning more about.

Select a Lot:  Moonlight Ranch has several open lots for new home builds along our present road access from 1.5 acres and up with pond access, wooded parcels or open range lots available.  Click on our plot map page for more information.

Decide on a Builder:  Select a builder who specializes in the type of home you want to build and that has a history of building quality homes.  Check their availability to begin your project and that they offer a comprehensive warranty.

Submit Plans:  Before finalizing a Sales Contract, the HOA requires all new homes to meet the minimum dimension and features required of all our past homes.  The HOA will be glad to meet with you during any phase of your planning process.

Break Ground:  We understand that home construction can take 9 months to a year and sometimes longer.  We will make every attempt to aid you in productivity throughout this process with gate access to your builder, contractors and job site inspectors.