Moonlight Ranch Homes’ Association

In 2009, Silver Wraith Acres Homes’ Association (SWAHA) was officially formed by the investors and managing party of Moonlight Ranch.  Following the departure and retirement of this founding group in 2010 and with the filing of a Kansas Quit Claims deed (1/24/2011), ownership of all green space lots, the pond, all completed roads and the complete management of Moonlight Ranch was turned over to the members of SWAHA.  On 2/25/2011, SWAHA was renamed Moonlight Ranch Homes’ Association (MRHA).  Officers for MRHA were first chosen in 2011 and in 2012, as well as subsequent years, the MRHA Board of Directors are elected or confirmed.  The Bylaws, Association Declarations, Restrictions and Design Standards were also reviewed and approved by our legal counsel.

MRHA has quickly made strides to improve the community and preserve our future landscape.  We now adhere to an annual budget, gather every April/May for a general assembly meeting, collect annual lot assessments, update members by e-mail and Newsletter and continue to look for ways to meet the requests and needs of our current and future members.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to our documents, meetings,  lot development, activities or life in general at Moonlight Ranch.